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European Forum 2012

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15th May 2012
Brussels, Belgium
European Parliament Building

In light of the issues presented by the European Union's CEO Coalition 'to make the Internet a better place for kids,' as well as to discuss the importance of crafting a global response, to ensure children have safe and private online experiences, FOSI held a highly interactive forum to explore these issues with the EU Commission, Parliament, key industry players and civil society.

This event allowed an informal, off the record discussion to take place between the EU institutions, industry and the non-profit sector. It proved to be an opportunity for industry to demonstrate the steps that they are taking to ensure that children remain safe and private online, whilst the Commission and Parliament were able to outline their concerns, and aims, of some of their work. The forum also permitted for vital input from civil society.

This constructive dialogue encompassed a wide range of issues including the current EU initiatives, global nature of the problems and current international responses. It also focused on industry self-regulation and the important role that effective legislation can play in this field.

For a more in-depth exploration of these issues and the outcome of the forum, we encourage you to review the post-event FOSI Brief written by Emma Morris, International Policy Counsel, which can be found here.



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