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• FOSI allows recognition of a company’s commitment to online safety and a forum for discussion with key players in the online safety and Internet industry

• FOSI provides exposure to new ideas and also a way to help stimulate internal product development by ensuring that product development teams, policy teams, and communications teams with individual companies are on the same page when it comes to safety

• FOSI convenes unique events around the world to help provide opportunities to exchange ideas and move the discussion forward around online safety; the events also help sponsors and FOSI members gain recognition for their own work through speaking and participation opportunities

• FOSI provides extensive resources for members including GRID (Global Resource & Information Directory), research, and A Platform For Good

• FOSI provides expert advice and consultation to member companies



Public Policy

FOSI works closely with governments around the world to help develop public policies that support and encourage industry self-regulatory efforts as well as national education and awareness programs. We also assist industry groups and individual companies to create best practices and baseline safety policies. FOSI is an active member of a number of national and International working groups, task forces and forums on a range of online safety issues and we bring that knowledge and experience to bear in our policy work. Learn More



Our prestigious events are a unique opportunity to join the global family online safety debate and make a real difference. For a number of years, our ground-breaking roundtables and International conferences have shaped thinking and provide an off-the-record forum for stakeholders, including governments, industry and charities. Learn More


Information Services

FOSI's Global Resource & Information Directory (GRID) service is free to Full FOSI Members and brings together in one place a huge array of family online safety information, educational initiatives, policy, legislation, research and organizations from around the world. Above all, we act as a clearing house for International best practice, with up-             to-date commentary, expert analysis and advice.



FOSI's primary policy mission is to promote industry self-regulation while preserving the right to free expression. In furtherance of this goal we engage with governments, the media and other influential organizations around the world. What's more, full membership gives you a seat on the FOSI board and positions your organization at the heart of the Institute's efforts to create a safer, better Internet.



Given FOSI's heritage and breadth of membership, it will come as no surprise that the organization is uniquely placed to provide a range of fee-based consultancy, publications and advice.




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