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December 16, 2008. Cyberbully Alert: Web Sites Make It Easier to Flag Trouble. Go to


December 12, 2008 Online safety czar called for.



December 12, 2008 Group wants National Safety Officer under Obamas’s CTO



December 12, 2008 Group seeks kids' online safety in the White House.


 December 10, 2008 New Report Urges Obama to Focus on Internet Safety for Children


October 17,2008 On Hate Speech, Internet Service Providers Exempt from First Amendment, Attorney Says



October 10, 2008 Rediscovering Online Safety - an article on the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act, by Stephen Balkam

August 20, 2008 Virtual Worlds Get Real About Punishment - virtual worlds develop sophisticated legal codes and justice systems to police members' behavior

June 24, 2008
Summer Vacation Spent on the Internet?
An article on online safety by Stephen Balkam

nhkApril 20, 2008 Stephen Balkam participates in an NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) programme "How do we Protect Kids from the Dangers of the Internet?" (1 hour mpg file, Japanese language only)



May 27, 2008 The Future of Media Literacy Part 2 - a video interview with Stephen Balka


May 8, 2008
Facebook adding safeguards against cyber-bullying, porn

April 7, 2008
Andrew Keen on the Byron Review


April 3, 2008 Baby, you're a YouTube star: Tens of thousands of parents are posting videos of their kids online.




March 7, 2008 Parents should be vigilant against inappropriate images their children see on the Internet

March 5, 2008
Tech Weekly podcast, including an interview with Stephen Balkam of the Family Online Safety Institute.


February 29, 2008
UK firms lag in social media awareness

February 18, 2008
Online content providers sign up to code of conduct to protect children

February 11, 2008
EU eyes safer cyberspace for young

February 8, 2008
Providing a safety net for the web

February 7, 2008
"confoki": Kindersicherung das Internet Webseiten-Label-System für alle Betriebssysteme

February 7, 2008
Mit Schutz durch die virtuelle Welt

January 23, 2008
Social networking sites claim safety comes first



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