Broadband Responsibility Awareness Campaign (BRAC)

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FOSI believes that broadband responsibility is the key to keeping kids safe online. Broadband responsibility is achieved by educating consumers about ways to make wise choices online, and includes enhancing digital literacy skills, and training about best practices and critical thinking in online decision-making. A comprehensive broadband responsibility program will protect children by arming them with the skills they need while addressing any concerns that parents have about the safety of the Internet.

Keeping kids safe online is a shared responsibility among many stakeholders, including teachers, parents, government and industry who can work together to create a culture of responsibility online. Adoption of a broadband responsibility program using a combination of tools, rules and education initiatives will go a long way toward keeping our kids safe in the digital world.

Broadband Responsibility document Broadband Responsibility, A Blueprint for Safe and Responsible Online Use
(PDF download)



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