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31 January 2014

BBC News

UK government tackles wrongly-blocked websites

A working group has been established by the UK government to tackle the issue of over blocking within safety filters, ensuring that sites with educational or otherwise positive content are not inadvertently blocked. "We are building a master list of sites that the charities are helping us with and actively testing this right now," David Miles, Chair of the working group, told the BBC. Read the full article here.

31 January 2014

PC Pro

ISPs may exclude charities from parental-control filters

UK charities and Internet Service Providers will be working together closely on how best to implement a process for how they label content in their respective filtering systems. David Miles acknowledged the problem and said ISPs would become more transparent about which categories are included with the filters. "Quite a lot of the issues are not to do with inadvertent blocking," he said. "They're to do with the decisions ISPs make around categorisation." Read the full article here.



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