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FOSI 2008 Annual Conference & Exhibition
Safe at Any Speed: Tools, Rules & Public Policies to Keep Kids Safe Online

December 11, 2008

Venue: Newseum, Washington, D.C.

The Family Online Safety Institute 2008 Conference included over 300 attendees from 4 continents, 11 countries, and featured 60 speakers on 11 expert panels, and a world-class exhibition with 22 exhibitors. Industry, government, NGO’s and the wider stakeholder community have made the 2008 FOSI conference a huge success.



3rd State of Online Safety Education Roundtable
September 16-18th, 2008

Venue: Googleplex, Mountain View, California

As part of its ongoing Online Safety Education Initiative, FOSI's roundtable was held at the Googleplex, Mountain View, California. Entitled 'Searching for Online Safety Solutions', it attracted over forty participants. With opening remarks from Anne Collier of Net Family News (a participant in the PBS FRONTLINE Growing Up Online documentary) and hosted by Stephen Balkam, FOSI's CEO, the event proved an outstanding success. With panellists from Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Google, Yahoo!, AT&T, Second Life, Loopt and YouTube, it provided a fascinating insight into the online safety measures already deployed by industry and how they protect families online.

  • Notes from Anne Collier from her presentation to the Roundtable at Googleplex (PDF 20K)

3rd State of Online Safety Education Roundtable:  Special viewing of PBS FRONTLINE documentary Growing Up Online.

FOSI hosts its second invite-only viewing of PBS FRONTLINE's Growing Up Online documentary at the Googleplex, Mountain View, California. "Growing Up Online" co-producer Rachel Dretzin answers questions after the private viewing at the Googleplex on why she created the documentary that looks at the issues kids and families are facing online. Go to FOSI's YouTube Channel to Learn More.

FOSI & Oxford Internet Institute (OII) Roundtable: Educating Rita 2.0 - 'Effective Methods and Messages in Online Safety Education'
13th June 2008

Venue: Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford

Some of the participants at the event. Back row: Dave Miles and Phil Archer (FOSI), Raj Curwen (So Protect Me), Front row: Cathy Thomas (RM), Michael Wilson (W3C), Robin Blake (Ofcom), Heather Pace-Clarke (France Telecom-Orange), Mike McKeehan (Verizon).

Following the success of FOSI's first Online Safety Education Initiative roundtable at the NCTA in April, FOSI co-hosted the second one with the Oxford Internet Institute in the UK, as an opportunity to explore a more European and international perspective on what online safety education there is, how successfully it is being delivered, and how its impact is being measured.

Using ideas and questions from the Thursday Evening Lecture, there was an opportunity to delve deeper into the meaningful delivery of online safety education at the roundtable on June 13th. Dr Tanya Byron shared thoughts in her opening remarks, and then invited stakeholders discussed and shared views.

FOSI & Oxford Internet Institute Conference (OII): 'Beyond Byron - Towards a New Culture of Responsibility'
12th June 2008
Venue: Oxford e-Research Centre, Oxford
Dr Tanya Byron

Asked by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to investigate the new dangers to children being brought up in the digital age, Dr. Tanya Byron, under the auspices of the Department for Children, Schools and Families, produced a 224-page report. The child psychologist's recommendations included a cinema-style system of classification for video games and a thorough public education campaign and educational efforts in schools. She also warned that protecting children against all risks, stunts their development and that an important part of growing up is learning to assess and deal with danger. The Family Online Safety Institute teamed with the Oxford Internet Institute to present a Thursday Evening Lecture at the OII to hear Tanya Byron's reactions to the Review's launch and on the feedback she has received since.

Consumer groups, charities, government departments, trade bodies and other stakeholders had an opportunity to hear more about recommendations mentioned in the report, the one-stop shop, the universal rating debate and kite-marking and the Council proposed in the Review.

Professor John Palfrey, Clinical Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and Executive Director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, focuses on Internet law, intellectual property, and the potential of new technologies to strengthen democracies both locally and internationally. He has also recently been appointed Chair of the Internet Safety Technical Task Force, set up in early 2008 to focus on identifying effective online safety tools and technologies that can be used by many companies across multiple platforms. 

2nd State of Online Safety Education Roundtable & special viewing of PBS Frontline documentary 'Growing Up Online'
Venue: National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA), Washington D.C.
Caption: PBS Frontline producer Rachel Dretzin & Stephen Balkam (FOSI)

At this invitation-only event, hosted by the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) in their 105-seat theatre, there was a special viewing of the PBS Frontline documentary 'Growing Up Online.' The producer, Rachel Dretzin, took questions afterwards, followed by a Roundtable on the state of online safety education. 

"The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It" Book Launch
March 20th 2008
Venue: Google, Washington D.C.
Caption: Prof. Larry Lessig, Prof. Jonathan Zittrain, Stephen Balkam at Google, Washington D.C.

FOSI, along with the Berkman Center and Google, co-hosted a book launch of Prof. Jonathan Zittrain's latest book, The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It. Attended by more than 100 participants from government, industry and the non-profit sectors, Prof. Zittrain gave a highly entertaining and stimulating presentation on the forces that have shaped the Internet and those that could harm its growth. Prof. Larry Lessig of Stanford University gave a reasoned and thoughtful response and Stephen Balkam, FOSI, CEO led the Q&A that followed. The event was the first to be held at Google's new Washington, DC offices.



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