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The Family Online Internet Safety Contract*

An agreement between ___________________________________Child
and _____________________________________ parent


Parent Contract

I know that the Internet can be a wonderful place for my kids to visit. I also know that I must do my part to help keep them safe on their visits. Understanding that my kids can help me, I agree to follow these rules:


  1. I will get to know the services and websites my child uses.
  2. I will set reasonable rules and guidelines for computer use by my children and I will discuss these rules and post them near the computer as a reminder.
  3. I will not overreact if my child tells me about something "bad" he or she finds or does on the Internet.
  4. I will try to get to know my child's "online friends" and Buddy List contacts just as I try to get to know his or her other friends.
  5. I will try to put the home computer in a family area.
  6. I will report suspicious and illegal activity and sites to the proper authorities.
  7. I will make or find a list of recommended sites for children.
  8. I will frequently check to see where my kids have visited on the Internet.
  9. I will seek options for filtering and blocking inappropriate Internet material from my children.
  10. I will talk to my kids about their online explorations and take online adventures with them as often as I can.
  11. I agree to the above.



Date: __________________ Parent's signature: _________________________________

I understand that my parents have agreed to live by these rules and I agree to help my parents explore the Internet with me.


Date: __________________ Child's signature: _________________________________



Child's Contract

I know that the Internet can be a wonderful place to visit. I also know that it is important for me to follow rules that will keep me safe on my visits. I agree to the following rules:


  1. I will choose a safe and sensible screen name for myself that will not reveal personal information about my family or me.
  2. I will keep my password private, except from my parents. I will not sign up for other e-mail accounts without my parents' approval.
  3. I will not put my personal information in my profile. I will not share my personal information, or that of my parents or any other family member, in any way, shape or form, online or with someone I meet online. This includes, but is not limited to name, address, telephone number, age or school name.
  4. I will treat others the way I want to be treated.
  5. I will use good manners when I'm online, including good language and respect. I will not pick fights or use threatening or mean words.
  6. I will make my own personal safety my priority, since I know there are some people who might be online and pretend to be someone they're not.
  7. I will be honest with my parents about people I meet online and will tell them, without always being asked, about these people. I won't answer any e-mails or instant messages from anyone my parents have not approved.
  8. If I see or read things that are bad, icky or mean, I will log off and tell my parents so they can make sure it never happens again.
  9. I will tell my parents if I receive pictures, links to bad sites, e-mail or instant messages with bad language or if I'm in a chat room where people are using swear words or mean and hateful language.
  10. I will not send anything to anyone I've met online, without my parents' okay. If I get something from someone I've met online, I'll tell my parents immediately (because that means they have my private information).
  11. I will not do anything that someone I've met online asks me to, especially when I know it's something my parents would not be happy about or approve of.
  12. I will not call, write a snail mail or meet in person anyone who I've met online without my parents' approval or without a parent coming with me.
  13. I understand my parents will supervise my time online and use software to monitor or limit where I go online. They're doing this because they love me and want to protect me.
  14. I will teach my parents more about the Internet so we can have fun together and learn cool new things.
  15. I agree to the above.



Date: __________________ Child's signature: _________________________________

I promise to protect my child's safety online by making sure these rules are followed. If my child encounters unsafe situations and tells me, I will handle each situation with maturity and good sense, without blaming anyone, and will calmly work through it with my child to ensure safer Internet experiences in the future.


Date: __________________ Parent's signature: _________________________________

*Adapted by FOSI/ICRA from various online safety pledges and contracts developed by multiple entities: (; The Mansfield/Richland County Public Library (; Federal Trade Commission Cyberpassport (; (; I-SAFE America (




What Can Parents Do?

What Can Parents Do?


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