Anne Collier

Executive Director, The Net Safety Collaborative

A parent, journalist and youth advocate, Anne Collier has been writing about kids and connected media at since the late-'90s. She is executive director of The Net Safety Collaborative, the national non-profit organization that runs the U.S.'s new social media helpline for schools. Anne has served on three national task forces on youth internet safety, and currently serves on the safety advisory boards of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Kik. She and her family live in Salt Lake City.

Recently written by Anne


For This Bullying Prevention Month, a Bit of Clarity

The Pew Research Center just published a surprisingly high figure under a headline referring to “cyberbullying.” The authors report that 59% of US 13-17 year-olds had experienced some form of it.


How Teens' Social Media Use Changing: New Pew Study

Parents of teens probably knew this already, but the Pew Research Center just confirmed it for everybody: YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are US 13-17 year-olds' top social media picks now - at 85%, 72% and 69%, respectively.


Finally, kids can have their own Google accounts (with parents’ help)

Google made a bit of history by opening up its universe of apps and services to users under 13 as their parents design it. Family Link, the name of the new parental control toolset, describes it well: Parents download the tools to their own and the kids’ devices, then link them up for a whole family’s real-time digital device management.


Safer Internet Day

ConnectSafely is marking February 11th, Safer Internet Day 2014, by inviting Internet users throughout the US to share One Good Thing. It's a way to spread the word about all the good people are doing online and in social media. Here's how you can get involved:


‘Compassion Mobs’ & Other Digital-age Nonviolence Stands

Net Family News’, Anne Collier, reflects on a growing online phenomenon – kindness.


Changing the Conversation, Empowering Youth

Net Family News' Anne Collier on how we can change the conversation about digital technologies and empower our youth.