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Erin McCowey

Program Coordinator, Family Online Safety Institute

Erin McCowey is the program coordinator for the Family Online Safety Institute where she supports the Good Digital Parenting and Global Resource and Information Directory (GRID) initiatives. 

She is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan where she studied Political Science and International Studies. She previously interned at FOSI in the summer of 2016 and the fall of 2017 and researched US States for GRID and wrote blog posts for GDP. While in college, she held several leadership positions within Alpha Phi Omega and enjoyed going to Michigan sporting events, particularly hockey and football. She is originally from Michigan.

Recently written by Erin


Hosting a Virtual “How to Be a Good Digital Parent” Night

With school being partially (or fully) online, and many kids experiencing the most screen time they have ever had, parents may need some extra help managing their family’s relationship to technology. 


Recognizing Cyberbullying and How to Help

October was National Bullying Prevention Month, a time in which awareness and education are shared about cyberbullying, and its effect on children and teens. Schools and community organizations are dedicating time and space to share helpful examples of bullying for students and parents, providing resources in order to recognize it for themselves.


Protecting Vulnerable Users on Instagram

With a few weeks of the back to school season under our belts, it is easier to step back and examine our daily routines. Are our children making it to school on time? Are they eating a balanced diet? Are they spending too much time online? Are those interactions healthy?


A Safe Way to be #ForTheGram

Have you ever been in a restaurant and observed someone taking a picture of their food? You might overhear them telling their tablemates it was #ForTheGram. Or at home, your child just advocated for their summer vacation suggestion to be chosen because it was #ForTheGram. What does that mean?


Book Review: Hung Up

I recently read the book, Hung Up by Haley Evans, with the subtitle ‘why you should put the phone down (and other life advice).’


Book Review: Raising Humans in a Digital World

Raising Humans in a Digital World walks parents through the challenges of raising their kids in a digital world. Where there are never-ending technology opportunities, devices, and attention-getting games, apps, and experiences. Written by Diana Graber, a cofounder of Cyberwise and founder of Cyber Civics, this book is structured in a parent-friendly way and perfect for parents whose children are not receiving instruction at school.


Google's Sé genial en Internet Launches

FOSI was proud to attend Tuesday's launch of Sé genial en Internet, the Spanish language version of Google's Be Internet Awesome digital citizenship and safety program.

What Parents Should Know About tbh

With temperatures falling and winter approaching, students are starting to settle into their new school year and what was once exciting becomes monotonous.


When Can Geotagging on Instagram Be a Good Thing?

Attaching a location to Instagram photos isn't always a risky move. There are benefits to geotagging when used responsibly.