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Sarah Kerber

Corporate Counsel, Privacy, T-Mobile

Sarah Kerber is T-Mobile’s lead privacy product counsel for Internet of Things offerings (such as SyncUp Drive and SyncUP Pets), TVision, mobile applications, and family products, of which her favorite is Project 10Million, which is helping to close the homework gap by delivering free internet access to 10 million households. She communicates hot button privacy considerations and requirements to T-Mobile executives, including precise geolocation, biometric privacy laws, COPPA, GDPR, and CCPA compliance and implementation. Sarah manages the data protection terms in T-Mobile’s contract templates and trains transactional counsel on how to negotiate those provisions. She is T-Mobile’s representative with the Family Online Safety Institute and was selected by T-Mobile’s General Counsel to participate in the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity’s 2020 Pathfinder Program. She is a 2019 graduate of the Ladder Down Program. Her two young daughters are the light of her life. She enjoys yoga, family camping, reading and writing.