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July 16, 2020 | Webinar

FOSI Briefs the Hill - Misinformation and the Importance of Media Literacy

In July 2020, the stories leading our news cycle have immediate impacts on public health, social dynamics, and the state of democracy in the face of an upcoming US election. The ways in which information on these topics has been disseminated shows how easily false and misleading coverage can spread online, making it difficult to prioritize safety and accuracy.

Nov. 18, 2020 | A Live Virtual Event

FOSI 2020 Annual Conference

"Building Resilience"

FOSI's 14th Annual Conference has officially gone virtual! In response to the vast changes in our world brought about by Covid-19, we will be hosting our 2020 conference entirely online. After much consideration, we felt that a virtual event was the best way to ensure the safety of our participants, speakers, and staff, while also allowing for any future restrictions that may impact travel or assembly.

Past events

Covid-19, Civility and Citizenship

May 12, 2020

Digital Parenting in a Pandemic

Keeping your kids safe (and you sane) during this crisis
April 6, 2020