Sept. 16, 2015 | Rome, Italy
Global Trends in Online Safety
Creating a National Framework



Sept. 16, 2015

9 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Telecom Italia

Auditorium Raoul Pieroni, via Oriolo Romano 257, 00189 Roma

On September 16th 2015 FOSI and Telecom Italia co-hosted a conference entitled ‘Global Trends in Online Safety: Creating a National Framework.’ It was an incredibly important event providing an opportunity to learn and share international experiences. 

Marcella Logli, Telecom Italia, welcomed attendees to Rome and Stephen Balkam, FOSI, thanked Telecom Italia for their hospitality and their dedication to the issues of online safety. He set out what is needed to create a national framework for online safety, specifically who is involved; what is involved; and how to execute on the plan. The roles of government, law enforcement, industry, non-profits, parents, teachers, researchers, media and young people were defined and their importance in creating the framework was highlighted. Ultimately Balkam concluded that the way to ensure that an effective plan is developed and implemented is to bring together all stakeholders in an open, ongoing dialogue. 

The first panel featured government responses to online challenges and was moderated by Stephen Balkam. Joanna Shields, UK Minister for Internet Safety and Security, outlined the approach of the UK Government around the United Kingdom Council on Child Internet Safety and WeProtect. Marlene Holzner, Cabinet Member of EU Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society, provided the history of online safety in Europe and the European Commission’s approach to creating a digital single market and society, as well as promoting the creation of content for children. Antonello Giacomelli, Under Secretary of State, Italian Ministry of Economic Development, talked about the Italian Government’s commitment to online safety and their approach of promoting a multi-stakeholder approach to achieve their goals. 

Amanda Lenhart and Giovanna Mascheroni presented research findings from both the US and EU. Lenhart provided data on American teenagers’ use of online platforms as well as how they are making friends online, while keeping themselves safe. Mascheroni talked about the new challenges of smartphones and the mobile Internet for parents and children. For example research showed that in Italy the risks increased when children used the Internet more, especially on smartphones, however, in the UK there was no such correlation. Methods to confront this phenomenon were discussed later in the conference. 

Following a brief presentation from Marcella Logli on the work of EducaTI, David Miles moderated the panel on highlighting best practice. Roberto Di Legami, Italian Postal and Communications Police, talked about their education campaigns to inform teachers and children about online safety and the rules of being online, travelling 9,000 km around Italy last year alone. Simon Milner, Facebook, outlined the importance of global rules on their platform, which then works alongside local experts to provide a necessary cultural context. Andrea Parola provided background on the ICT Coalition for Children Online, operating throughout Europe to bring companies together to ensure online safety. Becky Foreman from Microsoft talked about their commitment to safety, including the importance of safety and privacy by design. Microsoft’s work on PhotoDNA was also highlighted. Marcella Logli, Telecom Italia, covered the need to promote brand trust and consumer confidence and the ways that Telecom Italia goes about that work. 

To close the event Stephen Balkam conducted a discussion with Giuseppe Recchi, the Chairman of Telecom Italia. They covered a wide range of issues, including broadband deployment, ways to promote e-commerce, smartphones, education and the many advantages of being online.  

In his concluding remarks Balkam highlighted the importance of working together globally to face the risks online, mitigate the harms and reap the many rewards of living our lives on the Internet. 

Some of FOSI's best resources are now available in Italian! You can access the documents below.


Day 1
Sept. 16, 2015
  1. 9 a.m.
    Registration and Breakfast
  2. 10 a.m.
    Welcome and Opening Remarks

    Stephen Balkam, Family Online Safety Institute
    Giuseppe Recchi, Telecom Italia

  3. 10:15 a.m.
    Government Responses to Online Challenges

    Moderator: Stephen Balkam, Family Online Safety Institute
    Antonello Giacomelli, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Economic Development
    Marlene Holzner, Cabinet Member, EU Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society
    Joanna Shields, UK Minister for Internet Safety and Security

  4. 11 a.m.
    Research Presentations

    Amanda Lenhart, Pew Research Center
    "The Shifting Landscape of American Teens’ Technology Use"
    Download slides

    Giovanna Mascheroni, Università Cattolica, Milano
    "New challenges of smartphones and the mobile internet for parents and children"
    Download slides
    "Smartphones, social network and instant messaging services: Challenges for children, parents and teachers"
    Download slides

  5. 11:30 a.m.
  6. noon
    EducaTI and Beyond: Telecom Italia commitment in Digital Education

    Marcella Logli, Telecom Italia

  7. 12:10 p.m.
    Highlighting Global Best Practice

    Moderator: David Miles, Family Online Safety Institute
    Roberto Di Legami, Director Italian Postal and Communications Police
    Becky Foreman, Microsoft
    Marcella Logli, Telecom Italia
    Simon Milner, Facebook
    Andrea Parola, ICT Coalition

  8. 1:10 p.m.
    Looking Ahead: Online Safety in Italy
    Stephen Balkam, Family Online Safety Institute
    Giuseppe Recchi, Telecom Italia
  9. 1:40 p.m.
    Closing Remarks
    Stephen Balkam, Family Online Safety Institute
  10. 1:45 p.m.
  11. 3 p.m.
    Event End


Founder & CEO, Family Online Safety Institute
Director, Italian Postal and Communications Police
Head of UK Government Affairs, Microsoft
Under-Secretary of State, Italian Ministry of Economic Development - Telecommunications
Cabinet Member, EU Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society, Gunther Oettinger
Senior Research Scientist, Data & Society Research Institute
Director Corporate Shared Value, Telecom Italia, and General Secretary Telecom Italia Foundation
Lecturer in Sociology of Communication and Culture , Università Cattolica, Milano
Director, Europe, Family Online Safety Institute
Policy Director, UK, Middle East, Africa, and Turkey, Facebook
Project Manager, ICT Coalition for Children Online
Chairman, Telecom Italia and of Fondazione Telecom Italia
UK Minister for Internet Safety and Security, Department for Culture, Media and Sport