Resource Guide

Kid Friendly Search Engine Guide

Use these resources to create a safe searching and learning environment for your children.
KidRex has a look like it was made by kids for kids. If an inappropriate search term is entered, the user automatically receives an “Oops! Try Again!” message. The “Parents” section also offers tips on online safety and a web page removal request form, in case children do find explicit content.
GoGooligans is for a slightly older audience and is aimed at older kids and teens. It offers helpful suggestions to what the user is searching to help further their exploration and provides more flexible search options, such as date ranges and searching within certain websites. There are manual filters to block inappropriate content, but they are easier to circumvent than some of the other resources listed here.
KidzSearch offers a world of safe Internet browsing for kids with educational videos, games, and news. It has a list of blocked terms that create an error message when entered.

Searchy Pants lets you create a personal search page, which can be customized to your school logo, personalized background photos, and welcome message. With the parent login, you can also monitor and restrict your child’s searches.

Kids Click! is owned and maintained by the School of Library and Information Science at Kent University and offers a unique search experience for kids. Users can search by keyword, category, digital media (like pictures, sounds, or videos), browse alphabetically, or explore topics by the Dewey Decimal system. If children search inappropriate search terms, no results are found.