Resource Guide

Safe Communication Guide

Worried about your children using traditional communication apps and websites? Learn about some kid only options. is a safe email service for kids and families. Your kids can now have a safe email for kids account while allowing parents to be aware of any correspondence their children send and receive.

PLAYMessenger, is a Parent-Approved Chat App for Kids. Designed to put kids in control and give you peace of mind. PLAYMessenger uses advanced language filters, adult verification, and features MyKIDs which allows parents to easily manage their child’s account, view messages and buddies all in one area.

Pryvy believes kids can be social online and stay safe. Pryvy does this by making parents the gatekeepers. They decide who is allowed to contact their child, and who is blocked. It's that simple.
Tocomail is intended to be a fun and safe messenger and email app for kids. It provides simple and efficient set of parental controls. It features an interface designed to make it simple for kids to stay connected with family and friends.
Marimba is a protected messaging app for children 7-12. Chat. Photo sharing. Voice messages. Marimba includes the features you expect from a modern messaging app - with features designed for children’s safety.
Kids In Touch lets your children send text messages to friends and family that also have the app. Kids and families can text on iPod Touch, iPads, and iPhones.