What is Good Digital Parenting?

FOSI's Good Digital Parenting initiative empowers parents to confidently navigate the online world with their kids.

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Love at First Profile View

By Hannah Katzen | March 5, 2015

Dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid are not out of the ordinary in the college world. FOSI's Spring Intern explains how and why students are using them.

Social Media #Social Media #Online Dating #Apps #College


Healthy Screen Time Limits for the Whole Family

By Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov | March 2, 2015

How can a responsible digital parent ensure that her children are getting the most of out screen usage while reducing the side effects of too much screen time? Dr. Milovidov ...

Digital Citizenship #Screen Time #Tweens #Kids #Teens #Toddler


Distance No More

By David Polgar | Feb. 27, 2015

What I love most about modern technology is its ability to completely obliterate distances.

Digital Citizenship #Tweens #Kids #Smartphone


Parents Just Don't Understand

By Thomas Dodson | Feb. 24, 2015

A new study finds that parents are not as involved as they should be in their teens' online lives.

Social Media #Social Media #Teens #Digital Reputation #Parental Controls