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Technology is a lightsaber. Let’s use it for good.

By Laurel Schwartz | Nov. 19, 2019

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No Bully's School Programs - Eradicating Bullying Worldwide, One School at a Time

By Jessica Roth | Nov. 13, 2019

Have you ever been a part of a bullying incident? Perhaps you were the target, singled out by a group of students. Or maybe you were the bully.

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Recognizing Cyberbullying and How to Help

By Erin McCowey | Nov. 5, 2019

October was National Bullying Prevention Month, a time in which awareness and education are shared about cyberbullying, and its effect on children and teens. Schools and community organizations are dedicating ...

#National Bullying Prevention Month #Good Digital Parenting #Cyberbullying #Bullying


The Importance of Working With Young People to Prevent Bullying

By Karla Sanders | Oct. 31, 2019

“If it’s about us, without us, it’s not for us.” This quote is at the heart of how Sticks ‘n Stones works. Authentic and meaningful involvement of young people at ...

#National Bullying Prevention Month #Good Digital Parenting #Bullying