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Tips For Safe Location Sharing on Apps

By Rachel Friedman | July 17, 2018

Mobile apps can do everything from acting as a live-translator in a foreign country to allowing users to grocery shop from their phones.

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Are Memes Affecting Our Screen Time?

By Maggie Stokes | July 16, 2018

Among one of the more recent social media trends are memes: pictures or brief videos accompanied by text intended to be humorous.

#Screen Time #memes


Online Safety Cards for Kids' Technology

Don't just give your child a new piece of technology without establishing some rules. Check out these DIY device contracts for parents and children:

Digital Citizenship #Tweens #Kids #Teens #Smartphone #College #Toddlers #Screen Time #Texting


Toddlers and Tech: How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

By Jenny Silverstone | July 11, 2018

Twenty years ago, my mother didn't think twice about letting me spend hours on end in from of the television or playing Oregon Trail on the computer.

#Screen Time #Moderation