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What Parents Can Do To Better Manage Spending In Video Games

By Patricia E Vance | May 17, 2018

Once upon a time, a parent would go to the store and buy a video game off the shelf and the story would end there.


What to Do If Your Child Is the Victim of Identity Theft

By Kelsey Down | May 15, 2018

We tend to think of identity theft as a specifically adult problem- but a recent report found that more than 1 million American children were victim of identity theft in ...


Taking Control of Video Games, Mobile Apps & Your Kids

By Patricia E Vance | May 10, 2018

When my kids were younger, they often complained that I was "the only mom" with strict rules about the types of movies, games and other entertainment they were allowed to ...


Are Smartphones the New Cigarettes?

By Stephen Balkam | May 7, 2018

My mother, who turns 95 this year, would light up in between the main course and dessert.