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Trust and Civility In Our Challenging Times

By Stephen Balkam | Nov. 16, 2017

Ten years ago, we launched the Family Online Safety Institute at a time of extraordinary change and innovation.

Sarahah – Intention vs Reality

By Grace Entwistle | Nov. 15, 2017

Sarahah is an anonymous app created in Saudi Arabia, with the intention of giving employees an anonymous way to give feedback to their managers and colleagues. However, the main users ...

When Should You Buy Your Child A Smartphone?

By Scott Steinberg | Nov. 10, 2017

It's the burning question on every family's lips: At what age should you buy your kid a smartphone or similar mobile communications device? Ironically, as parenting experts note, and we ...

What Parents Should Know About tbh

By Erin McCowey | Nov. 7, 2017

With temperatures falling and winter approaching, students are starting to settle into their new school year and what was once exciting becomes monotonous. With that in mind, new trends from ...