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What the Slime Trend Teaches Us About Kids and Marketing

By Jessica Phillips | April 25, 2017

The biggest trend earlier this spring wasn’t a new toy or even an app: it was slime ... What’s so unique about the slime trend isn’t its popularity: it’s that ...


What is VSCO?

By Jessica Phillips | March 28, 2017

You’ve heard of the basic social media platforms that teens are using: Snapchat, Instagram, and maybe Twitter. You may even use a few of these platforms yourself. One you may ...

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Finally, kids can have their own Google accounts (with parents’ help)

By Anne Collier | March 21, 2017

Google made a bit of history by opening up its universe of apps and services to users under 13 as their parents design it. Family Link, the name of the ...

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The Effects of Using Technology at Night

By Jessica Phillips | March 13, 2017

Technology at bedtime can wreak havoc on our bodies, sleep schedules and overall well-being. It is especially important to consider these potential issues when considering what technology rules to establish ...

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