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It's Okay to Take a Break From Social Media

By Jennifer Hanley | May 1, 2017

Taking a break from social media can be a way to relax a bit and think more, and for some families it is also a way to enforce general household ...

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What the Slime Trend Teaches Us About Kids and Marketing

By Jessica Phillips | April 25, 2017

The biggest trend earlier this spring wasn’t a new toy or even an app: it was slime ... What’s so unique about the slime trend isn’t its popularity: it’s that ...


What Parents Need to Know About

By Sheighla Wall | April 11, 2017

Just when you thought all social media sites were created and no one could possibly have a unique idea for another site, a company called Inc. has created an ...

#Good Digital Parenting #kids #Apps #Online Safety #Social Media


Trust, Trolls and Online Safety

By Stephen Balkam | April 3, 2017

These are trying times online.News stories proliferate about bad behavior such as cyberbullying, doxing, swatting and online harassment. From fake news to hacking to online trolls, the Internet has never ...

#Parents #Teens #Kids #Online Safety