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The New Realities: Virtual, Augmented and Mixed

By Stephen Balkam | Jan. 4, 2017

It is worth taking a step back and looking at the various forms of reality that are being artificially created and the implications that each of the approaches may have. ...

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Practical Tips to Make Your Connected Home More Secure.

By John Wu | Nov. 16, 2016

With the average home now having more than 10 connected devices, what can we do to keep our families and our homes safe? Here are a few practical tips to ...

Privacy #Parents #Connected Toys #Privacy #Safety #Internet of Things


Eight Questions for Families To Help Understand Tech in Transition

By Janell Burley Hofmann | Nov. 9, 2016

Eight prompts to bring perspective and purpose to our beliefs around tech. We can revisit this process as our families grow and change – as well as the technology.

Parenting #Parents #Technology #Online Safety #Safety

Online Safety In Transition

For November our focus is "Online Safety in Transition". We are really excited about this topic, so much so that we have dedicated our Annual Conference to it. On December ...