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Declaring Online Safety

By Hannah Katzen | July 3, 2015

Parents, celebrate this 4th of July with declarations of your own!


Transition to Summer

By Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov | July 2, 2015

Great advice on how to keep tech in check during long summer days.

Safety #Screen Time #Tweens #Kids #Teens #Parental Controls


Internet Safety: YouTube

Step by step video shows how to set safety mode and report problems on YouTube.

Safety #Safety #Tweens #Kids #Apps #Parental Controls


Can You Survive the 'Unplugged' Challenge?

By Devorah Heitner | June 29, 2015

Are you too connected to your devices? Take "The Unplugged Challenge" in your home with tips on how to do it effectively and with purpose from Devorah Heitner.

Digital Citizenship #Screen Time #Tweens #Teens #Digital Citizenship