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Blog | Aug. 30, 2013

20 Answers from Teachers: Talking to Parents about Internet in the Classroom

Project Manager, Family Online Safety Institute

Students are preparing to pack up and head back to school after the Labor Day holiday. But parents, are you wondering how the Internet and online content will be used in the classroom this year?

Don't wait until the first parent-teacher conference night to find out. Check out these 20 answers straight from teachers* about how they use online content to teach your students:

  1. I use it because it has informative, reliable information, and most of all, it is fun.
  2. I use different websites as a tool to enhance the curriculum. I also want students to learn how to effectively and safely research information online.
  3. I use it to grow students' insight into new ideas, applying new info to their knowledge base, and ultimately help them see new options and possibilities toward a successful, satisfying , and need driven future.
  4. I use it to make kids aware of how to be safe and how to have fun at the same time, and for educational purposes!
  5. I use it to teach social skills.
  6. I use the Internet to teach students how to search and find accurate, reliable information successfully. Our students need to learn how to use 21st century tools safely and effectively in order to become responsible, contributing citizens in an increasingly digital world.
  7. I use it for the expansion of my students' self-learning skills. They enjoy it and therefore learn more through it. I allow the children to lead in their learning through the use of the Internet.
  8. I use it to bring more primary knowledge into my subjects and more interactiveness. Kids are visual and need immediate gratification.
  9. I use it to increase their ability to be producers and to develop 21st century skills!
  10. I use it to help students learn about the world in which they live.
  11. I use it because students need to learn how to access and evaluate information online. They need to understand how to protect themselves and their reputation, as well as learn how to behave online.
  12. I use it so that the kids can start to build a positive digital portfolio for themselves.
  13. I use it for guided research, collaboration, and to show them engaging content.
  14. I use it because the information is handy and I want to keep myself up-to-date.
  15. I use it because the Internet opens up infinite content and brings the target language and culture into the Spanish and French classes that I teach.
  16. I use it to introduce a wide array of sites, tools and techniques for my 7th grade computer literacy students to have available for their future educational needs.
  17. I use it because by accessing the online world we have access to the richest, greatest amount of information, presented in an almost limitless variety of ways.
  18. I use it so my students can create and connect with other students in other schools to learn content and to practice communication, citizenship, and media literacy including research and media with source citations.
  19. I use it because digital citizenship is essential in today's global environment!
  20. I use it to help prepare students for their world.
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*At the start of the summer, A Platform for Good conducted an informal poll about the use of the internet and online content in the classroom. We heard from a mix of teachers, parents, and teens. One of the questions asked of teachers was: If the parents of your students asked you why and how you use the Internet and online content to teach, what would be your answer?

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