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Blog | Aug. 27, 2013

5 Helpful Blog Posts Teachers Can Use for Back-to-School

Program Administrator, Family Online Safety Institute

Heading back to school is always an exciting time for parents, educators and students. As classrooms continue to evolve with technology, teachers are presented with not only new opportunities, but new challenges as well. In order to help educators get a jump on the school year, A Platform for Good has compiled some of its best blog posts, covering topics such as teaching digital citizenship, the value of blogging, and how educators can help bring parents up to speed on technology being used in the classroom.

How Technology Has Affected Traditional Teaching

Even with all the advancements in education, the foundation of what was good teaching in the past remains good teaching in the present. Read how three examples of effective pedagogy: collaboration, creation, and authenticity, have each been enhanced by technology.

Why Don’t You Blog About It?

Blogging is an excellent tool for teachers to reflect on their lesson plans, voice their views about education, share the successes they’ve had with students, and build relationships with other educators. Read to learn more about the value of creating a blog, and get the dialogue started.

Learning Online: Real Answers to Real Questions

As technology advances in classrooms, teachers are increasingly faced with questions from parents about how they can get involved in their child’s learning. This blog post addresses three of those questions, and provides helpful tips and advice for teachers to share with concerned parents.

How to Teach Your Students Digital Citizenship

It’s important to make sure students know how to conduct themselves in a safe and appropriate manner online. How do you teach them to become digital citizens? Learn how offline principles of good citizenship also apply to the online world.

Easy Technology Integration Tips for Teachers

Thinking about incorporating technology into your lesson plans this year, but aren’t sure where to start? Check out this blog post to learn what resources are available online, and best practices for creating a more connected classroom.

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