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Tips for Introducing New Tech to Kids

By Joe Yeager | May 21, 2015

There are several steps that should be taken by parents before they hand over that new piece of equipment to their kids.

Parenting #Safety #Screen Time #Parental Controls


Be Purposeful in Your Posts

By Carolynn Crabtree | May 18, 2015

Be purposeful about how you’re interacting with others on social media and what accomplishments you want to share with the entire world on the web.

Digital Citizenship #Social Media #Teens #Digital Reputation #College


The New Device Domino Effect

By Tom Rich | May 14, 2015

When new devices are introduced, you know the drill: it’s time to do some research, sit down with your child, and have a serious conversation setting conditions and expectations around ...

Safety #Tweens #Kids #Teens #Smartphone #Safety #Privacy #Parental Controls


Digital Coaching

By Debbie Lehr-Lee | May 11, 2015

Four tips to help parents guide their college bound kids to manage tech use and screen time on their own.

Digital Citizenship #Screen Time #College