Good Digital Parenting
Blog | April 2, 2013

April: It’s All About the Library

Project Administrator, Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI)

April is all about libraries. And while you may not think of libraries as relevant to what we do here at A Platform for Good (old, dusty books…gross!), they actually play an important technological role. 

School libraries are often the place where children build fundamental digital literacy skills, learning how to navigate online worlds and think critically. Libraries are also a place for families without Internet access to connect. Did you know that 20% of households in the United States don’t have Internet access? Libraries often serve as a place to do homework, apply for jobs or catch up with relatives. 

Right now, your child’s school may be participating in School Library Month. In honor of this year’s theme – Communities Matter – librarians everywhere are planning activities to celebrate the role strong school library programs play in student and community development. Or, your local library might be doing something special for National Library Week. This year, events run from April 14-20th and include National Bookmobile Day and Support Teen Literature Day. 

You can’t afford to “check out” on this month’s lineup of events! “Shelve” those errands or cleaning projects (unless you’re tidying-up your online reputation, of course) and head down to your school or local library. Don’t be “bookish” – celebrate! 

Cover image courtesy of Flickr.