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Blog | Feb. 21, 2014

BeatBullying’s Big March Campaign

Program Administrator, Family Online Safety Institute

This spring, the Family Online Safety Institute is helping support BeatBullying’s biggest anti-bullying campaign of the year. Called The Big March, the campaign is an alliance of organizations across Europe that will march in protest against bullying. However, instead of marching in the streets, this march takes place across some of the biggest websites in Europe. The hope is to bring young people together to help change the future for the better. Check to see other supporters of The Big March, and spread the word to your family and friends. 

To participate, all you need to do is visit and register. During this process you create a personalized avatar of yourself and write a message on a placard. You’ll then be placed alongside other participants for the march on June 11, 2014. Lots of people have already signed up, so stop by the digital park and see who’s there! 

The Big March is supported by Disney, Moshi Monsters, Stardoll, the Safer Internet Network, the European Youth Forum and many others. A number of European celebrities, including the UK X- Factor winner Little Mix, Jimi Blue of Germany, Germany’s Next Top Model winner Barbara Meier, and Belgian popstar, Ian Thomas, are also supporting the campaign. 

In addition to BeatBullying’s Big March campaign, they also have a great list of year-round resources for young adults and parents. 

For young adults: General safety tips for navigating the Web, what to do when you encounter bullying online, and how to responsibly navigate social media. 

For parents: How to identify the signs if your child is being bullied, what you can do to help, how to approach your child's school about the issue, and more. 

So, don’t miss out on one of the largest marches against bullying on June 11, 2014! Get involved and follow the latest happenings online with #BigMarch.