Oct. 1, 2015

Creating Awareness for Bullying Prevention, Digital Citizenship and Cybersecurity

October is a big month for the digital community. During the month we focus on creating cybersecurity awareness, cyberbullying prevention and we also spend a week celebrating good digital citizenship. Conveniently, the three go hand-in-hand. 

Good digital citizenship requires users to act respectful online. It encourages clear communication and awareness of privacy. Taking the time to ensure that you're acting as a good digital citizen will help increase your security online and will create an atmosphere where bullying is not tolerated. 

This month we should examine our online behaviors and educate ourselves on the positive steps we can take to improve our actions and safety online. Check out our resources on digital citizenship, cyberbullying and cybersecurity; and take the steps needed to improve your online behavior to ensure a safe and positive experience. 


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Next Month's Highlights

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