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Blog | Oct. 25, 2013

Connected Educator Month

Program Administrator, Family Online Safety Institute

Did you know this October marks the second annual Connected Educator Month? Started by the US Department of Education in 2012, Connected Educator Month is meant to help educators connect, collaborate, and celebrate education technology. As the US Department of Education notes, there are opportunities for educators to participate in online events, build their personal learning networks, and earn digital badges for their technology skills. Check out the remaining list of events this month to get involved.

To help celebrate Connected Educator Month on A Platform for Good, we’re looking back at some of the resources we have developed for educators over the past year:

Digital Citizenship Flashcards

As a way to help teach digital citizenship, we made Digital Citizenship Flashcards for educators and parents. The deck covers online safety, privacy, responsibilities, and more – and includes conversation starters to use with your student or child. You can reference just one of the cards, or download, print, and put together the entire flashcard deck to work through with your students. 

Teach Teachers Tech

Teach Teachers Tech is a set of videos meant to inspire students and show educators how they can use technology-related lessons throughout the school year. These videos are great for promoting positive relationships between students and teachers, and for empowering students to explore future learning inside and outside the classroom.

Teacher Blog

Curious how to use social media in your classroom, how to run your own educational blog, or how to teach digital literacy? The teacher section of the PfG blog has the answers. There are tons of great pieces written by educators, for educators, with advice and best practices on implementing education technology. Earlier this year, we compiled a top five list, which is a great place to start if you’re new to our blog.

Resource Center for Educators

From videos on digital citizenship to breaking down the different components of cybersafety, our resource center has classroom opportunities provided by a collection of organizations to connect students with online lessons about navigating the digital world.

Know of a resource we don’t have and you think we should? Or do you have a blog post in mind you would like to share with us? Just leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you. Happy Connected Educator Month!

Cover image courtesy of Flickr.