Oct. 5, 2016

Cyber Security Awareness

When it comes to keeping your family safe online there are quite a few variables and pieces to the puzzle. The entire month of October is dedicated to creating awareness of a variety of online safety issues and provides an excellent opportunity start a conversation with your child about putting their best foot forward online and taking steps to stay secure while enjoying the rewards of being online. 

Cyber Security Month- The entire month of October is dedicated to providing people with tips to keep themselves and their data secure online. Recently FOSI partnered with NCSA, the White House and others to launch a new campaign called "Lock Down Your Login." The focus of the campaign is to encourage people to use strong authentication methods to protect online accounts. 

This month spend time exploring the different methods of strong authentication techniques and apply them to your accounts as well as your child's. Include your child in the process and use it as a teachable moment. 

Bullying Prevention Month- This month we focus on all forms of bullying, and it provides a great opportunity for parents to discuss the issue of cyberbullying with their child. GDP offers a lot of resources on our site that can help guide your conversation. It is important to approach the topic from both sides and address what to do if they are bullied but also the importance of not bullying others. 

Teen Driver Safety Week- From October 16-22 the focus is on teens and safe driving. There are a lot of reasons teens feel the need to check their phone while they are driving. Ask your teen what causes them to check their phone when behind the wheel. Discuss how to avoid the temptation and have them sign the "It Can Wait" pledge from AT&T. 

To access our resources, scroll through the highlighted posts on the left. Check back through out the month for new and updated information. 

Taking about these topics is always timely and a necessary conversation. If you would like to provide resources and information to parents in your community about digital parenting check out our free program "How to Be a Good Digital Parent"

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