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Blog | Nov. 18, 2013

Digital Gratitude: Kindness in Technology

Founder, Parents' Universal Resource Experts, Inc

November is a month for giving thanks.

This year, I want to pause and tip my hat to the digital world – technology and the advocates who continue to promote kindness through keystrokes.

We are bombarded throughout the year with sad stories of youth struggling with bullying and cyberbullying, some of whom who have decided to take their own lives.

Thankfully, these stories are the exception and not the rule. There are tons of people and organizations out there that are choosing to use technology for good and holding kindness paramount.

So, I'd like to take the time to say "thank you" to some organizations and causes that are doing just that:

My Kindness Counts: Jessica Simmons created this site to encourage young people from around the nation to work together and brainstorm better ways to address bullying in our communities. Follow them on Twitter.

Kindr: There's an app for kindness! Yes, an app for promoting kindness – and it's free! Matt Ivester, author of the best-selling book, lol...OMG!, has created an app that spreads kindness through text messages. Follow them on Twitter.

We Stop Hate: When teens are happy with themselves, they are less likely to put others down. WeStopHate is more than just an anti-bullying program, it’s a call-to-action to stop hate. Stop hating on yourself, stop hating on others, stop letting others hate on you. Follow them on Twitter.

willUstand: They believe bystanders can make a difference and that when someone stands for another person, it can spark a chain reaction of kindness. Follow them on Twitter.

Words Wound: - This is the first book written for teens that is a toolkit and guide to help them navigate through digital risks online. The book is meant to empower and inspire young people to bring kindness into their social media lives. A must read for teens and parents too. Follow them on Twitter.

Random Acts of Kindness: This is an amazing site full of ideas to spread kindness in a variety of ways. It is a platform where media, education, community, social networking and entertainment connect people with inspiration, tools, resources, organizations and a larger support network to help them take action, get involved, harvest, and share the benefits of kind actions in their daily lives and society. Follow them on Twitter.

Think Before You Type: This is an anti-cyberbullying and positive self-esteem organization co-founded by teen sisters Lauren and Victoria Coaxum. The girls work to raise awareness about cyberbullying, promote positive self-esteem, and encourage other young people to use the internet for good. Follow them on Twitter.

This November, let's celebrate the goodness that people are encouraging online. Then, let’s pay it forward! Visit some of these sites above and get ideas for how to start your own campaign of kindness.

After all, all it takes to combat the bad stuff is a little kindness…

Cover image courtesy of Flickr