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Blog | Jan. 6, 2014

Digital Resolutions for Parents

Founder, Parents' Universal Resource Experts, Inc

We are a few days into 2014 and you are likely just getting started on the New Year’s resolutions you made. But there is a simple one you may not have made – a resolution to help you and your family be safer and more savvy online.

Here are some simple promises you can make to help you get there:

Privacy Settings: I promise to check my privacy settings on all my social networking sites weekly.

Sharing: I promise not to overshare online and will not use my profiles as a venting machine or a scrapbook, and will use custom privacy settings to ensure I am sharing content with the right people.

Password Security: I promise to choose passwords wisely and will be smart about who I share them with. (That means I won’t use passwords with our phone number, dog’s name, or other easily-learned details about my family.)

Apps and Software: I promise to take the time to get cyber-savvy and learn about the apps and websites my kids are using – not only helping myself become a more knowledgeable and confident digital citizen, but helping me lead and teach my kids by example.

Net-lingo: I promise to be in the know when it comes to the slang, abbreviations, and shortcuts my kids are using while texting or online.

Kindness: I promise to think before I type and pause before I post – refraining from saying things that could hurt me, my children, my family members, or my friends in the future.

Reputation: I promise to start building a reputation for myself online and owning my own slices of digital real-estate. (WordPress or Blogger are a great place to start getting yourself out there.)

With the cyber-world expanding every day, this list could go on forever. These are just a few ideas to challenge parents to resolve to become more cyber-savvy this year and every year.

Whatever promises you make, it is the perfect time to get started. So grab those gadgets, click that mouse, tap those keys, and get started right now.

Original cover image courtesy of Flickr.