Aug. 1, 2015

Fill Your Child's Digital Backpack

Today's kids need digital skills to be successful in school and beyond. Help them to develop a healthy relationship with technology by teaching them to use it wisely and appropriately for both schoolwork and fun. 

Whether you are introducing your toddler to an iPad or helping your teen apply for college, we've got advice for you to navigate the online world and set healthy standards for tech use in your home. 

Click on the Backpacks below to find information geared toward the age of your child:

Toddlersbackpackfinalkidsbackpack5TweensfinalbackpackFinal Teens Back PackFinal College Back Pack

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Next Month's Highlights

Parenting Hacks

Digital parenting can be overwhelming and time consuming. There are always new apps and new conversations you need to be having with your kids to keep their online experience safe. Don't worry, we have you covered with our "Parenting Hacks".