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Blog | Dec. 9, 2014

Giving Back with Technology

Program Administrator, Family Online Safety Institute

As regular Good Digital Parenting blogger, Marti Weston, wrote in one of her recent posts, the holidays are an excellent time for us to reflect on the “richness of our lives.” In addition, it’s also a good time to think about how we can use the tools we have to give back, which for many of us involves technology.

Awash with cat videos, over one million apps, and much more, the digital world has no shortage of entertainment, education, and even though you may not realize it, charitable giving opportunities.

Here are a few ways to give back this holiday season:


VolunteerMatch: VolunteerMatch is a site where individuals can go to find local volunteer opportunities based on their interests. You can read what the opportunity involves, the kind of work you’ll be doing, and then sign up right online. You can also read reviews from other volunteers and write your own.

Idealist: Idealist is another great place to find volunteer opportunities. In addition to being able to search locally and abroad, Idealist also allows you to search by time commitment so you can find a schedule that works for you. 

Raise or Donate Money Online

GlobalGiving: GlobalGiving pairs supporters with social entrepreneurs and grassroots projects around the world. Check out some of the awesome projects being featured right now! 

Razoo: Razoo is a website where individuals can raise money for the causes or nonprofit organizations they care about. It’s easy to donate or start your own fundraising page. Explore the different types of causes ranging from humanitarian aid to wildlife preservation and start giving.

Start a Movement

DoSomething: Does your teen or tween know about To quote their mission statement, “ makes the world suck less.” How?  By offering one the largest platforms for young adults to effect social change by supporting causes they care about. From campaigns such as Teens for Jeans to 50 Cans, encourage your teen to get involved! empowers you to start a petition for a cause you believe in. They also offer a suite of tools to help you jump start your campaign and start gathering support. Check out some of their featured petitions and those that ended successfully. 

So, whatever your passions may be, take time this holiday season to sit down with your kids and explore one or two ways you can use technology to give back. Happy holidays!

Cover image courtesy of Flickr.