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Blog | Oct. 5, 2012

The Global Cardboard Challenge is almost here!

Project Administrator, Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI)

Saturday, October 6th is the Global Cardboard Challenge! I know what you’re thinking. Cardboard? That’s right, cardboard. 

This day of cutting and crafting copious corrugated containers was inspired by a boy named Caine. Last summer, Caine spent time at his father’s auto-body shop building an elaborate game arcade out of – you guessed it – cardboard! His arcade had it all, and the nine-year-old crafted every game imaginable himself. The only things missing were the players… 

One morning a man came into his dad's shop looking for a car part and what he found was the eventual motivation behind Saturday’s Global Cardboard Challenge. It all started when Nirvan Mullick, Caine’s first official customer, bought a $2 fun pass. That $2 turned into a short YouTube film and an online campaign that grossed over $218,000 for a scholarship fund just for Caine – money to ensure Caine’s family could afford to keep him in school and help him grow his entrepreneurial talents. 

The Global Cardboard Challenge is not only a way to encourage that same creativity and entrepreneurship, but to celebrate it worldwide. It’s a day for kids and adults to have fun with cardboard and maybe learn a little bit about Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) project-based education in the process! Doesn’t that sound fun? I think it does. That’s why I am hoarding boxes around the FOSI office and participating in this day of play in Washington, DC. 

The DC event is one of 200+ events in 30+ countries, all to celebrate and encourage imagination and playing out-of-the-box! I’ll be reporting back on Tuesday about my adventures with mazes, arcades, and crafts; but if you can’t wait that long, I challenge you to host an impromptu cardboard event in your neighborhood. It’s an opportunity to get involved in your community and have fun doing it. 

Game on!