Good Digital Parenting
Blog | May 30, 2013

Do Good Online. I Dare You.

Project Administrator, Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI)

Did you know this Saturday is Dare Day? That’s right. We’re just 48 hours away from a day dedicated to challenging yourself and your friends to do something truly, well, daring.

Sure, you could pull a silly prank on someone or tell a friend to dress up in a crazy costume. But, why not do something really out of the box this year? Why don’t you challenge your friends and family to do good online?

Those negative words someone said about a friend on social media – stand up to them! I dare you to be an encouraging voice.

That blog your friend loves, the one she’s been too shy to post comments on – dare her to write in. Her positive input could spark a really awesome conversation.

Those new tech skills you’ve been meaning to learn, you know, the ones you’ve been talking about improving for years – sign up for a class. Go on, I dare you.

You have the power to do good online every day. But, at A Plarform for Good, we just happen to think the good feels greater when everyone gets involved. 

Tell us in the comment section below or on our Facebook page how you plan to dare your friends and family to do good online this weekend. I double-dog dare you.

Image courtesy of Flickr.