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Blog | April 25, 2013

Happy Pay It Forward Day!

Program Administrator, Family Online Safety Institute

Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness? Maybe someone bought you a cup of coffee or paid you an unexpected compliment. Whatever it was, I’m sure it made your day. That’s what paying it forward is all about – selfless acts of giving that when combined, can change the world.

This same idea also applies to how we interact with others in digital world. From offering simple words of encouragement to offering shelter to those in need, we’ve seen lots of kindness buzzing around online these past few weeks.

As a way to continue spreading the good – and in honor of Pay It Forward Day – we’ve put together seven simple ways you can help make a difference digitally.

  1. Thank someone you admire. Whether it’s an old grade school teacher, a co-worker, or a parent – reach out and thank someone who’s made a positive difference in your life.
  2. Start a movement. Passionate about a certain cause? Organize an online campaign, make your voice heard and inspire change. Start your campaign here!
  3. Compliment a friend online. We all send millions of messages online each day. How about using one of your messages or posts to compliment or celebrate a friend?
  4. Start a blog. There are lots of ways to connect with people online. Starting a blog is a great way to build a community, share your expertise with others, and spread positivity. Here's a free resource to get you started!
  5. Become a virtual volunteer. It’s easier than ever to find opportunities to do good, especially online.
  6. Send a text message to an old friend. Have a friend or loved one you’ve been meaning to get in touch with? Don’t wait. Now’s the perfect time. Send a quick text and ask how they’re doing.
  7. Be a positive statistic. You’ve got the power to do incredible things online. Be a positive statistic and take our pledge to use your power for good.

These are just a few ideas, but really the possibilities are endless. So how will you pay it forward? Our challenge to you is to start with one or more of the suggestions in this list, or come up with your own good deed for the day.

Leave us a comment below and tell us how you plan to pay it forward!

Cover image courtesy of Flickr