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Blog | Feb. 27, 2014

Our Kids Are the Future: How Communities Can Make a Difference

Founder, Parents' Universal Resource Experts, Inc

It is common to hear that it takes a village to raise a child; today we have our communities. 

As a Rotarian, I believe in service above self, and when my fellow Rotarian, Peggy Gachet and I were asked to raise money for a board we sat on for underprivileged children, we wanted to create something that would not only raise money but also educate our community on today's digitally-driven society. 

Let me share with you that we are located in our country's oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida. Next year we will be celebrating our 450th birthday! As the oldest city, I believe we should be the role model for not only our state, but for all other communities in our country. 

We recognize that many national headlines come from the state of Florida that are not always flattering regarding bullying, cyberbullying, and youth suicides. We want to change that. Like bullying, people have a choice – you can choose to be the difference or choose to do nothing. 

Our Children Are Our Future Leaders 

We are now in our second year of The Community Empowerment Series which is sponsored by generous local individuals and businesses, as well as corporations. 

This year we are supporting our local Boys and Girls Club of America. The Community Empowerment Series is being presented by The Dance Company of St. Augustine that will be implementing dance classes at our local Boys and Girls Club, as well as offering scholarships and tuition assistants to local families that otherwise couldn't afford the arts through their Everyone Dances program. 

What will they be learning at this year's Community Empowerment Series? 

We are tackling the major topics that are on every parent, teacher and student's mind: 

  • Bullying Prevention with Dr. Michele Borba 
  • Cyberbullying Prevention with Dr. Sameer Hinduja 
  • Stranger Danger Prevention with Stacey Honowitz 
  • Cyber Safety with Theresa Payton 
  • Body Image & Peer Pressure with Sarah Burningham 

This is a free event to our community and everyone is welcome. It is a win-win for our sponsors and our community! 

The best part is our school district is 100% on board. Take a moment to watch our video as you will see our school superintendent, Dr. Joseph Joyner, discuss his support and encouragement for everyone to attend. Take a moment to read what our local sheriff and others are saying

We are also home of the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind (FSDB), famously known as the school Ray Charles attended. FSDB supports our event, as you will see in our video, as well encourages their students and faculty to attend.


 Who are we? We are a group of dedicated individuals that volunteer our time to make a difference in our community. I would venture you can do the same! 

Let's start a campaign of Community Empowerment Series across our nation and empower -- inspire and encourage our families, teachers and students to make a difference! 

 Cover image courtesy of Flickr.