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Blog | Nov. 5, 2012

Kids and Teens Say Their Choices Are The Key To Ending Bullying

Founder, Yoursphere Media Inc

The choices that kids and teens make matter; their decisions and their choices, will be what ends bullying – whether online or in person – nothing more, nothing less. 

It’s simple. It’s straightforward. It’s powerful and it’s exactly the message that the nine to 16 year olds at want their peers, parents and teachers to understand and learn while also challenging each of us make a better choice. 

When listening to the young community at Yoursphere talk about the problems they and their peers face related to bullying, one message bubbled from the crowd loud and clear: ‘We are what matters when it comes to ending bullying; our choices matter. We can stop bullying by making a choice not to bully each other’. Instead, they said, choosing kindness, respect, compassion, friendship or love over bullying, and applying that choice to their every day actions was what needed to be done in order to end bullying. 

The insight of these thoughtful and inspiring kids and teens from Yoursphere is the driving force behind Yoursphere Media Inc.’s nonprofit (FCISER) anti-bullying education campaign, “I Choose”. 

“I Choose” aims to stop bullying of all kinds with this simple, positive approach, challenging young to embrace the concept that bullying is a choice and the power to choose is theirs. They’re urged to consider their words and actions before they have the power to hurt someone else. When confronted with a choice involving peer relationships, they’re asked to put their chosen word into action. 

Visitors to the “I Choose” website are also invited to make a choice and to share their story. The site shares a number of heart-felt, but also heart warming real-life stories and videos of young adults, kids and teens that experienced bullying, as well as poignant tales about how the healthy choices they have made have impacted their lives. 

For youth leaders, educators and teachers, Classroom Challenge Kits are offered as a way to incorporate the “I Choose” philosophy into the lives of the young people that they work with.