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Blog | Feb. 14, 2014

Kindness? There’s an app for that.

CEO and Co-Founder, Kindr

For the past several months my co-founder Josh Beal and I have been thinking about what it would take to make kindness go truly viral online. And not just once, but on an ongoing basis. To make a lasting positive change on the culture of the Internet. 

We knew that whatever the answer was, it would be have to be fun, and it would have to be easy. On Monday we released an iPhone app called Kindr, and we think we’ve done both. Now we need your help to make it work. 

Kindness There’s An App For That.Kindr is an iPhone app that makes it fun and easy to brighten someone’s day. The goal in the app is to make your friends smile. There are many ways to do that – send something funny, cute, thoughtful, or even just something to let them know you’re thinking of them. With hundreds of pre-crafted messages, and a near infinite supply of GIFs and images to pull from, the possibilities are endless. 

This is an opportunity not only to make a friend’s day just a little bit brighter, but also to model positive online behavior for your kids. Let someone know that you care about them, that you think they are talented, that you appreciate all the things they do for you, and watch the amazing reactions you’ll get. Research shows that kindness is contagious, and that is especially true in the Digital Age, so your simple message may have an impact beyond what you ever imagined. Kindr is available in the App Store now. 

Kindness There’s An App For That.

Cover image courtesy of Flickr.