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Blog | April 8, 2013

Kindness: The Ultimate Bully-Beater


I go to a school where most people would say crowded hallways – not bullies – are our biggest problem. Bullying isn’t as prevalent as it may be at other schools. But, my friends and I decided to do something about those rare incidents. Instead of complaining or watching it happen, we created Westhigh Bros. Westhigh Bros use social media to encourage our classmates; it’s easy, fun and allows us to fight an enemy that anyone can combat. Plus, overcrowding is something for school officials to fix anyway .

Studies say that anywhere from a third to a half of all high school students say they have been bullied. I find myself lucky to be in the group that hasn’t been bullied and I don’t think many of my co-members of Westhigh Bros have been bullied either. So why are we doing this? Why are we fighting bullying if we haven’t been affected by it and it’s really not that big of an issue at our school? 

It’s simple. Though it’s infrequent, we can’t bear the thought of watching fellow classmates being harassed. Even if they are people we don’t know or don’t associate with, we can’t just walk away. What’s more, we want to spread positivity. Not just for people who have been bullied, but to show the people who are doing the bullying that we know they are hurting too. 

Our society is so fixated on bullies being faceless or evil that we often forget they are people too. Bullies are punished over and over but no one takes the time to find out why they bully. No one tries to end the reasons behind bullying; they just try to bully the bullies into submission. We don’t think that works and we think they are probably hurting pretty badly themselves. 

The problem of bullying isn’t just about people not reporting it or watching it as it happens, part of the problem is that we aren’t trying to solve it correctly. Confucius once said, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” Similarly if you tell bullies not to bully, maybe they won’t cause trouble for the rest of the day. But have you really addressed the reason why they started in the first place? 

If you see problems in the world go out there and fix them. You don’t necessarily have to be affected by the situation to try to end it. Be the change in the world; don’t just stand on the sidelines thinking that the people who are affected by bullying or any other problem will fight it. They are already fighting to just survive the immense burden of their problem. If we have more people fighting in every cause then we will have armies of good instead of legions of people trying to both support themselves under oppression and end a problem. Fight the statistic and be the change. 

Image courtesy of Flickr.