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Blog | Feb. 11, 2014

Let One Good Thing Lead to Another

Founder & CEO, Family Online Safety Institute

Today is Safer Internet Day and this year’s theme is: “Let’s create a better Internet together”. We at FOSI will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of SID along with ConnectSafely and others from the online safety community at an event at the National Cable and Telecommunications Association. 

Sen. Charles Schumer will be a keynote speaker and there will be panels of young people interacting with tech leaders, social media mavens, educators and activists. 

The organizers are encouraging all Americans to share "One Good Thing" they've done or will do to make the Internet a better place or the world a better place using the Internet. 

All users—young people, parents, educators, law enforcement people, policymakers and organizations—are encouraged to participate by posting short (20- to 30-sec.) videos or text comments at

So have you got something to share? Do you know someone who has done something small or big to make the online world safer, saner or more civil? Today is the day to let the world know. 

A group we’ve worked with in the past is Think Before You Type and they are an excellent example of teens using their online power for good. 

Or there is Jeremiah Anthony of West High Bros who tweets compliments to classmates, to counter act the pernicious atmosphere of bullying and harassment that too often pervades our schools. 

And there is Azariah Brown, who started an online network for girls called Love Share Care that promotes healthy habits and positive self-esteem. 

All good examples of what it means to create a better Internet today and everyday of the year.

Cover image courtesy of Flickr