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Blog | July 16, 2013

Making the Most of Summer: Learning New Skills and Doing Good

Co-Founders, Think Before You Type

We’re definitely not alone in saying that we love summer. We both really appreciate the much needed break from learning in a school setting. It feels great to be able to step away from the hectic school year. But summer doesn’t have to be a break from learning on a whole. One of the best parts about the freedom of summer is that you have a chance to learn on your own terms. There’s plenty of time to work on something that you’re passionate about, not just what you are required to learn.

We know that many people our age choose to spend their time using technology, and we can’t say that we’re any different. Summer break provides lots of extra time with our favorite gadgets, so why not use them to learn something new? You never know how much that gained knowledge can add to your present, or even your future. Think about how much ambition it shows to have learned something technical on your own. It’s perfect to add to college and job applications, and it can be a ton of fun! You never know what can come out of setting summer technology goals.

Last summer, we found a great way to spend our time when we started our Internet based anti-cyberbullying and positive self-esteem campaign, Think Before You Type. There’s nothing like being able to help other people, and it’s something that we both really love to do. We definitely encourage you to go out there and do something that you’re passionate about. It’s very rewarding, and it’s lots of fun!

Through TBYT we’ve had the chance to learn how to blog, make videos, and manage social media accounts in a different way, all of which have caused us to break out of our comfort zones. Even though those are things that we never would have imagined doing, the experience that we’ve gained has been valuable in other parts of our lives as well, and we wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

The best part about the Internet is that there's a whole world of technical knowledge and tutorials at your fingertips at any given moment. We can’t even begin to tell you how often we find ourselves using the Internet to learn new things. In fact, we each have our own summer goals that revolve around technology. Lauren wants to learn how to edit videos so that our TBYT videos will look and sound better. Victoria wants to up her photo editing skills and start doing her own TBYT vlogs. We plan to use YouTube tutorials, how-to articles, and a whole lot of trial and error to increase our knowledge. Our goals will take some time to reach, but it will definitely be worth it!

We love using the Internet to help others, and summer provides extra time for young people like us to do so. This summer, there’s a new part of TBYT that we’re calling “TBYT Summer Dares”. We’re challenging people to take time out to make an effort to have a positive impact on their online and local communities. We hope to use these “Summer Dares” to prove that it’s simple to help others. You never know how much one kind act can impact another person.   

This summer, we dare you to take a chance and learn something new. You never know how far it will take you, so get out there and give it a try! It definitely won’t hurt to gain some knowledge and make a difference.

Cover photo courtesy of Flickr.