Sept. 1, 2015

Parenting Hacks

Digital parenting can be overwhelming and time consuming. There are always new apps and new conversations you need to be having with your kids to keep their online experience safe. Don't worry, we have you covered with our "Parenting Hacks". 

This month we are providing you with our top tips and insights that can make digital parenting a little easier and provide you with the information you need all in one place.  

Our "parenting hacks" will help you to set the proper safety settings, learn about new apps and the latest online trends. We will provide you with advice on the conversations you need to be having and the resources to help you have them. A good place to start is our  Seven Steps to Good Digital Parenting

Last Month's Highlights

Fill Your Child's Digital Backpack

Set your kids up for success this year with our Back-to-School Tech advice.

Next Month's Highlights

Creating Awareness for Bullying Prevention, Digital Citizenship and Cybersecurity

During the month of October we celebrate and create awareness for both bullying prevention and cybersecurity. There is also a week dedicated to promoting digital citizenship.