Good Digital Parenting
Blog | Nov. 26, 2013

Why Parents Should Embrace Technology

Co-Founder, Tweenhood

I have always had a love affair with technology. Being that I worked in the high tech field for many years probably had something to do with it. But it wasn’t until I got my first iPhone and saw the power of mobile apps did I become forever hooked.

I consider the iPhone my personal assistant. It keeps me on time, on track, on budget (sometimes) and organized each and every day. I would be totally lost without it. When I shop, I research on the go, read reviews, check out prices, maybe even find a sale or coupon; it gives me instant information at my fingertips. When I drive, it keeps me from getting lost, as it’ll always know where I am and get me back to where I need to go. (Of course, I only use it when the car is in park!) It lets me take impromptu photos and videos, whether it’s an awesome sofa I so want or my kid’s school play, it’s always there, ready to go.

As a parent of two tweens, it’s hard to keep up with their constantly changing technology. Kids are more tech savvy than ever but they sometimes act or post on impulses – oversharing or making bad choices. However, even though it can be tough, our role as parents is to teach our kids right from wrong and to keep them safe.

No one said parenting was easy but isn’t your child worth protecting? As parents in the digital age, we need to educate ourselves about the potential dangers of technology as well as the awesome benefits. We also need to practice what we preach. We need to set a good example for our kids: unplugging when it’s time to unplug, being mindful of how and when we use our devices, and taking the appropriate measures to keep ourselves safe too.

Just like there’s no one-size-fits-all book for parenting, there’s no magic bullet for teaching kids about technology. Like anything else in life, the process can get messy, but rather than shielding our kids away from technology, we should endeavor to teach them to use it responsibly and safely by embracing it ourselves.

Cover image courtesy of Flickr.