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Blog | May 7, 2014

Partnering with My Daughter to Change the World

Co-founder, LoveShareCarecom

If someone had told me that one day I would eventually become a business partner with my now 15-year-old daughter, I would not have believed them. But it’s funny how things in life can change. 

 I still remember the first time my daughter made any mention of starting a business. At the time, Azariah was only 13-years-old. She explained to me that she had a desire to start a group within her school to help girls who had been victims of bullying. My immediate thought was how cute, but she can’t be serious. After all, she’s just a teenager. I honestly thought it was a phase. I told her that if she was in fact serious, to do some brainstorming, and that if she came up with a plan, I would help. To my surprise, that’s exactly what she did. From there was born. 

 Partnering With My Daughter To Change The World 2As a family, we took on the responsibility of creating this safe online environment. My husband was the genius behind building the entire Love Share Care (LSC) online community. Since then, working to help my daughter grow LSC has been a great experience for our entire family. I think it has made us closer. When I took my daughter on as a partner I had to first learn how to balance my role as mom with my new role as her business partner. I was happy that my daughter had a heart to help others, but I needed to make sure that she didn’t loose herself in the process. Throughout this family journey it has been important to me that my daughter understand time management. As an A & B student with a five-year track and field record, I had to teach her the importance of balance so that her grades and athletic ventures didn’t suffer. 

Helping my daughter grow Love Share Care has also meant major sacrificing on my end. I’ve given up so much because the lesson I believe she will learn is greater than any tangible thing. I want my children to know that I will always love and support them in going after their dreams. By doing so, I believe that my children will one day do the same for their kids. We’ve had several ups and downs with the birth of LSC, but the one thing that keeps us going is knowing that we are creating a safe, online environment where girls can freely interact without the worries of being bullied, harassed, or subject to online predators. Cyber safety is our number one goal. 

Partnering With My Daughter To Change The World 3

Over the past three weeks we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming six new schools to the Love Share Care community, and we look forward to continued growth. When we receive positive feedback from parents and school staff, it makes this journey all the more worth it. Learn more about getting involved with Love Share Care here.