Good Digital Parenting
Blog | Oct. 19, 2012

A Platform for Anti-Bullying

Director, TeenCentralnet and ParentCentralnet for KidsPeace

TeenCentral.Net is a website that invites pre-teens, teens and young adults to explore many topics of interest and to anonymously write about the issues that are causing them concern. An individual can ask questions, talk about a problem or just seek some advice from someone out there that doesn’t know who they are but cares enough to help. 

One of the common topics today is Bullying and Cyber bullying. TeenCentral.Net dedicated a large section of the site to answering questions that arise with Bullying and Cyber bullying. Sometimes individuals don’t ask for help because they are embarrassed or afraid. They know that they need help, but are afraid to ask or aren’t sure where to turn. allows a person to submit questions, concerns and thoughts in writing. Many teens find that writing out the issues can be very cathartic and helpful in making sense of what could be a confusing and frustrating time. The bonus—is knowing that you will receive an answer from a professional within a 24-hour period. 

Importantly, TeenCentral.Net is completely anonymous which simply means that all questions can be submitted without any risk of identification. Not even the people who run the site will know who submitted the question. 

You might ask how this works. Well, you do your part by registering on the site and then submitting your question or concern. One of our trained counselors, who can be anyone 18 years or older, goes into the database, clicks on the story, and provides written advice. We don’t ask for special degrees to be a counselor because we want real people to offer real suggestions and help. The counselors then create a description for the story, provide counseling and asking some thought-provoking questions. When this step is complete, the story is placed in the database so that a Masters or Doctorate Level Clinician can check the story and add any additional comments. The response, inclusive of the counselors’ and clinicians’ remarks, are sent back within 24-hours. So you get real counseling from professionals on whatever you write in about. If you don’t have any questions to ask or don’t want to write, just surf the site and learn more about other issues affecting teens. You can take a break and play one of the games located in each category such as Alcohol Awareness, Domestic Violence, and Growing Up Military. There are also some awesome videos created by teens. Perhaps they offer some great insight that might help you as well. 

It’s very simple, just go to and join. It is free, it is anonymous, and it is real help. If you find it helpful, why not recommend to your parents. It works a lot like TeenCentral.Net but is geared to helping parents help their teens. So, log on and work it out. If you are over 18 and would like to volunteer to help us help others, simply write to and we will send you the information to get you started.