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Blog | Sept. 23, 2014

A Platform for Good Turns Two, and It’s All Thanks to You

Program Administrator, Family Online Safety Institute

This month, FOSI’s Platform for Good turned two-years-old.

Originally created as a way to help parents, teachers, and teens connect, share, and do good online, FOSI has been fortunate enough to work with a wide variety of supporters and contributors on this program. From industry experts to high school students using social media to promote positivity, we have shared what it means to be a good digital citizen with hundreds of thousands of people.

As the program developed, we narrowed our focus to parents, while still occasionally highlighting advice from educators and teens that speaks to digital parenting. It’s our hope that A Platform for Good continues to be a resource for the entire family, and will give parents the tools they need to raise safe and responsible children in the online world.

To celebrate all the great work that you’ve made possible, here’s a look at some of the most popular blog posts, interactive features, and resources from over the past two years:

Blog Posts

6 Best Practices for Better Digital Parenting
By Elizabeth Milovidov

What does it mean to be a digital parent? If anything, it means you’re busy. And oftentimes a bit anxious. There’s always a new app or device for kids to explore. This blog post is an excellent starter for the digital parent, and covers six best practices for parents who may feel overwhelmed by their child’s tech-savvy and screen time habits.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Bullying
By Trudy Ludwig

With so many headlines about cyberbullying, this blog post is a great resource for parents and young adults. It helps distinguish between what behaviors count as bullying, and what behaviors do not. It also reinforces the message that despite popular opinion, the majority of kids today aren’t bullies.

Teens and Online Dating Apps
By Sarah Hoffman

Dating apps continue to be one of the hottest topics on PfG with parents searching for information about what dating and online messaging apps their kids are using.

Interactive Features

Digital Citizenship Flashcards
Digital citizenship is a bit of a buzz phrase, isn’t it? Well, for those of you looking for an explanation, check out these flashcards. From safety and privacy to literacy and online responsibility, these cards cover digital citizenship basics and include conversation starters for you and your child.

Digital Footprint Checklist
Your digital footprint may mean more than you think. It includes everything from your browser history to that joke you left on your friend’s Facebook wall. This checklist includes seven helpful tips on how to begin assessing your online presence, and ways you can be safer and more responsible online.


Reporting Inappropriate Content
While you may not realize it, almost all of the popular social networks have ways to report inappropriate content. Check out this list and learn how to take action against harmful material online.

So, what’s next for PfG? Stay tuned! We’ve got some exciting updates coming this fall that we can’t wait to share with you. Until then, be sure to share to stay connected!

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