Good Digital Parenting
Blog | April 18, 2014

A Platform for Good’s #digitalparenting Tweet Chat Recap

Program Administrator, Family Online Safety Institute

Yesterday, A Platform for Good along with online privacy expert, Fred Lane, hosted a tweet chat discussing digital parenting and what it takes to raise good digital citizens. 

 The turnout was fantastic! We were joined by parents, educators, experts, industry, nonprofits, and everyone inbetween. During the hour-long chat, we covered questions about what digital parenting is, what the challenges (and the benefits) are of raising connected teens, how parents can overcome those challenges, and more. 

 If you missed the chat and would like to see what people said (or if you attended and simply want to go back to check things out further), you can see the archived version here. There’s a ton of great advice, questions, and resources to explore. Here are just a few examples: 

Digitalparenting Tweet Chat Recap

So, thank you to all of our attendees for helping make this conversation so great. And, if you’d like to participate in our next chat, feel free to either tweet at us or sign up for our emails. We’ll let you know when the next one is happening, and how you can get involved.