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Blog | May 11, 2013

Project:Connect After the Hackathon Part 1: Hacking in Progress

Project Manager, Family Online Safety Institute

When I saw the rain start to come down last Thursday morning, I had a bummed moment knowing weather is key when it comes to the success of event attendance. Well I should have never had a moment of worry because despite a damp start to the day, the Project:Connect —Hacking for a Better Web Hackathon filled quickly with a smart, fun, enthusiastic, talented group of participants eager to hack.

We had 15 teams hacking with names like Team Hummus, The Backpackers, CB Media, and That Could Be Your Sister. What I was really excited to see was the mix of minds from high school to retirement, experienced to novice, and local to around-the-world. The day exceeded all expectations.

For over 5 hours the teams sprawled out across two floors scribbling on paper, coding on laptops, laughing as ideas got tossed around before that aha moment happened. Here are a few of the brilliant hacks that came out of the day:

  • Digital Milestones—an online community for parents and kids focusing on 'digital milestones' like creating a digital footprint, data security, privacy, digital citizenship, and more.
  • Cyberstoop—a program offering local businesses the ability to share their wi-fi and devices with neighborhood teens who don’t have access to the Internet and computers.
  • Helpster—a web and mobile app to connect people in communities willing to volunteer their time (the Helpster) to someone with a simple need (the Needster) who pays for the time/skill via donation to a favorite charity.

Experience more 'hacking in progress' through photos over on Facebook's Safety page and reading the stream of Tweets from the day. Coming later this week—Part 2: The Winners!
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