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Blog | May 21, 2013

Putting a Stop to Cyberbullying One Girl at a Time

Founder, Love Share Care

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had the desire to help others. But after witnessing a close friend go through the shame and torment of being bullied, I felt it was time to put my desire to help others into action. I not only wanted to help girls who were being bullied, I also wanted to steer the girls who were doing the bullying towards positive interaction.

To accomplish this, I originally wanted to start a girls group in my school, but soon realized that I could help girls all over the world facing the same issue simply by using the power of the Internet. That’s when I decided to create Love Share Care. is a bully-free, positive social networking site for adolescent girls.

GDP Blog Putting a Stop to Cyberbullying 1It’s a place where girls can freely share what they love in a caring, safe environment. I want to combat the cyber bully epidemic for good and that’s why Love Share Care has a built-in filter system that automatically blocks profanity and racial slurs.

As a member of Love Share Care, each girl gets a profile that shows her school spirit. Members also have access to our social stream where they can post love shouts, share photos, love comments, meet new friends, join our online cyber parties and take part in our daily challenges. Each daily challenge (act of kindness) is designed to steer the girls towards positive interaction. They give members the opportunity to spread love, and in the process of doing so, members have the opportunity to win cool prizes like skate passes, movie tickets, gift cards and more. Basically, the more positive the girls are on the site, the more chances they have to be rewarded. I want my efforts to inspire girls all over the world, and to let teens like me to know that it’s actually cool to be nice.

As a teen, I truly understand the value of sharing your feelings with others. Love Share Care is a safeGDP Blog Putting a Stop to Cyberbullying 2 place where girls feel comfortable sharing how they truly feel.

When girls log on, they can publicly share their mood, school spirit and latest pictures. If they select a sad, hurt or frustrated mood, members are encouraged to send them a love shout to cheer them up.

Since creating Love Share Care, I’ve had the opportunity to hear stories from girls all over the world who are being bullied, but are now relieved to know that Love Share Care was designed just for them. When I read all of the emails from parents and teens it lets me know that I am doing the right thing and I’m encouraged to keep pressing on for good.

Love Share Care is available to every girl and is accessible by invite only through school sign-up. To get your school involved with Love Share Care visit or email