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Blog | July 12, 2013

Read What Good Stuff Teachers Are Saying About How They Use the Internet in the Classroom

Project Manager, Family Online Safety Institute

Last month, the PfG team launched a group of informal polls for parents, teachers, and teens (an idea borne out of a hack produced at the Project:Connect hackathon) about the use of the Internet in the classroom. We were (and are still) curious to know how young people use the Internet and technology in the classroom to learn. 

We wanted to hear from not just the teen learning in the classroom, or the parent sending their teen off to the classroom, but of course, how the teacher in the classroom is using online content to teach. Over the last few weeks we have heard from a healthy mix of parents, teachers, and teens and wanted to share initial findings—starting with teachers. 

During the timeframe of June 13-July 2, 29 teachers responded to the informal poll and answered questions about how they use the Internet with students: 

  • 100% said they use the Internet to teach in class. 
  • 95% reported using websites and online videos and 52% reported using games. 
  • 71% of teachers polled said they believe online videos to be most effective with students. 
  • A number of teachers reported they enjoy using multimedia blogging sites, Skype, and videos with students. 
  • Many teachers reported a desire to access social media and sharing sites like Facebook and YouTube in class. 
  • Most teachers reported content they wanted to access was blocked or too expensive to use. 
  • Teachers polled said they would tell parents they use the Internet to prepare students for the future, open up new opportunities, and teach them critical thinking skills. 

What do you think of their responses? Do any surprise you? We would love for you to share your reactions and thoughts in the comments section. 

Remember the polls are still open through late August, so why not take 5 minutes and tell us how you, your child, or your students use the Internet in the classroom: 

Last, don’t forget to check back at the end of August for a ‘Final Findings’ post! 

Cover image courtesy of Flickr.