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Blog | April 4, 2013

Recognizing Children Changemakers

Program Administrator, Family Online Safety Institute

Remember when you were young and wanted to change the world? Now, with the help of social networks and other online tools, it’s easier than ever for kids to make it happen. And thanks to organizations such as Kids Are Heroes, the stories of these changemakers are being told. 

Kids Are Heroes is a nonprofit that empowers, encourages and inspires children to become leaders through volunteerism and community involvement. They do this by showcasing and supporting children who are making a difference through acts of giving. So far they’ve featured over three hundred of these young changemakers from around the world. Check out three of the noteworthy youngsters whose stories have been shared on the site: 

Harry Moseley, Birmingham, England 

In 2007, Harry Moseley was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. During radiotherapy, he met and befriended an older man named Robert Harley, who had a similar condition to Harry. A year later, Robert’s condition worsened and Harry went to visit him in the hospital. It was then that Harry realized he wanted to find a cure for brain cancer so he could help Robert get better. 

Sadly, just four weeks after Harry’s visit, Robert passed. But Harry’s determination only grew stronger. He started making beaded bracelets to sell outside supermarkets for cancer research, developed a school initiative, and began presenting to local businesses. The project quickly grew, even catching the eye of Britain’s Prime Minister who bought two of Harry’s bracelets. In total, before losing his own battle with the disease in 2011, Harry raised £85,000 for brain cancer research. 

Fara Shabrina and Farah Amalia, Jakarta, Indonesia 

Fara Shabrina and Farah Amalia are the founders of an initiative called “Buku Untuk Mereka,” which means “Books for Them.” In 2011, they successfully collected 1,684 books in only three weeks for impoverished children in Kaimana, West Papua. 

Soon after, fueled by the momentum of Buku Untuk Mereka, they formed their own nonprofit organization called YOUTH! (Young United Through Humanity). The name represents their vision to bring youth together to create a better community, without regard for borders or boundaries. Their main focus is tackling issues such as children’s rights, poverty, and gender equality. 

Jessica Wu, Boston, Massachusetts

In the summer of 2011, Jessica Wu, along with her younger brother, Joey, started their own chamber group called “On a High Note”. The violin duo focuses on introducing classical music to children throughout Massachusetts who are disadvantaged, disabled, or chronically ill. 

Jessica and her brother also perform at festivals, where they set up lemonade stands to benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a foundation that supports pediatric cancer research. During the school year, Jessica regularly performs at special care facilities and homeless shelters, where she offers children’s music lessons using instruments collected through instrument drives. 

Another one of Jessica’s passions is origami. She shares her love of the art with others in school where she’s the founder and captain of Origami Club. Jessica also visits hospitals where she teaches paper-folding to aid rehabilitation, and homeless shelters where she teaches women arts and crafts. 

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