Good Digital Parenting
Blog | Jan. 29, 2013

This Safer Internet Day, Pledge to Use Your Power for Good

Project Administrator, Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI)

Safer Internet Day is on February 5th and A Platform for Good is gearing up to celebrate! 

For those of you unfamiliar with Safer Internet Day, it’s an international event hosted every year by InSafe which seeks to promote safer, more responsible use of technology. And, people around the world will be spreading the message of this year’s theme: “connect with respect.” 

We all have the power do great things online – to engage, share, and explore. But to us, “connecting with respect” is all about using that power to have positive interactions and create an online community where everyone is inspired and supported. 

That’s why we’ve decided to participate in this year’s Safer Internet Day by taking a pledge. And, we want you to join us. 

Now we’ll be asking you to join our effort to make the Internet a safer, more respectful place by taking this simple pledge: “I will use my power for good.” 

Celebrate this Safer Internet Day by pledging to use your power for good. 

Cover image courtesy of Marc Wathieu, Flickr.