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Blog | Jan. 21, 2014

Safer Internet Day

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ConnectSafely is marking February 11th, Safer Internet Day 2014, by inviting Internet users throughout the US to share One Good Thing. It's a way to spread the word about all the good people are doing online and in social media. 

Safer Internet Day (SID) is an awareness-raising campaign that started in Europe more than a decade ago and is now celebrated in more than 100 countries. The Brussels-based Insafe Network, organizer of the campaign for the European Commission (EC), last year appointed ConnectSafely to coordinate the US part of the global project on the second Tuesday of February each year. 

One Good Thing 

In keeping with the EC's theme for SID 2014, "Let's create a better Internet together," ConnectSafely launched its crowd-sourced One Good Thing (OGT) campaign to demonstrate how youth are already making the Internet – and the world – better with acts of kindness big and small. Companies like Microsoft, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are participating in this nationwide event to encourage individuals to share “One Good Thing” they did online to make the world a better place and collectively stop spreading fear and start focusing on how people are using mobile and online technology to better our world. 

So by the end of this month, ConnectSafely is asking everybody to think of and share something good they've done or witnessed online. It could be as simple as sending well wishes in social media or as big as starting an online fundraising campaign for someone in need. Good can go viral on the Internet, starting with even the smallest of actions, and that's what we want to see! The sooner the better, too! We plan to turn OGT submissions into a video for an event we’re organizing in Washington, DC on February 11th. 

The event – which will be streamed live – will bring together students from around the country, members of the technology industry, and a broad array of youth-serving organizations to provide insights on youth practices in social media and youth views on what works when it comes to online services for young people. 

Get Involved 

While there are lots of ways to participate in Safer Internet Day, we’re asking you to join us by sharing One Good Thing. Here’s how: 

  • Submit yours in the form on this page
  • Tweet or post about it on social media. (Don’t forget to use the #OneGoodThing hashtag on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram so we can find your One Good Thing and spread the good further!) 
  • Email it to 

Can’t wait to hear all the good you’ve seen or are doing online!