Good Digital Parenting
Blog | July 15, 2014

Taking Time This Summer to Unplug

Co-Founders, Think Before You Type

Summer is here and we couldn’t be any more excited about it. We’re glad to be taking a break from school, and we finally have the chance to relax a little. When school let out a few weeks ago, we started realizing that technology and social media were taking a new role in our lives. For example, instead of using our computers to write papers, we’re now using them for fun. This also prompted us to try and reevaluate their place in our lives. 

Recently one of Lauren’s friends brought up a commercial that she saw on TV. A company was selling a tablet for children. But it wasn’t marketed as just a tablet – it was described as it if could be one of your child’s friends. Knowledge of the commercial led to a conversation about the ways technology has impacted how children spend their time. When we were that age (the age of the child shown in the commercial), we spent our time playing outside with friends, not inside playing on a tablet. Technology has done amazing things for us, but it’s sad that young children are switching out the enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life and replacing it with too much screen time. 

However, this isn’t just an issue for young children. It is an issue for teens and adults as well. Lately, we’ve realized how attached we are to our cell phones. We can’t walk into the next room without them, let alone leave the house without them. That really makes us wonder how much we’re missing out on because we so focused on our phones and staying connected with others. There is a big wide world waiting for us, and we seem to be too distracted to notice. 

This summer we’re trying to do something about that. We’re going to work on being mindful of how attached we are to our technological devices, almost as if we are taking a step back in time – and we want you do the same. We’re going to work on spending more time with the people that matter to us while we have the time. Life is too short to be staring at a screen almost constantly, and it never hurts to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. We wish you an amazing summer filled with time spent with your friends and family!

Cover image courtesy of Flickr.