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Blog | Sept. 19, 2012

No Text is Worth a Life…It Can Wait

Director of Consumer Safety and Education, AT&T

It Can Wait.

That’s the message we at AT&T are trying to instill in drivers—especially teens—who feel the need to send or answer texts while driving. In fact, we’ve chosen to call our company-wide campaign against texting while driving It Can Wait because no text is worth risking your own life—or someone else’s. It can always wait.

Just ask Wil Craig or Merry Dye, whose lives were both permanently impacted by the dangerous consequences of texting while driving. Wil and Merry spoke to us about the texts that changed their lives, and are featured in our short but eye-opening documentary “The Last Text”. Wil suffered irreparable brain damage from injuries he sustained in a crash caused by a driver texting behind the wheel, and Merry lost her daughter, Mariah, who was texting a friend as she drove.

You might have also seen Wil’s story on a PSA aired across the nation this summer, or watched Merry Dye recently share her daughter’s story with Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN. Though these stories are generating buzz as word continues to spread about our campaign to end texting while driving, unfortunately, they are not unique: According to National Safety Council 100,000 times each year, an automobile crashes and people are injured or die while a driver was texting and driving.

That’s why we’re encouraged by the response we’ve seen so far to the It Can Wait campaign, as our own employees, supporters and the public have joined the no-texting-while-driving movement and are working together to keep our roads and communities safe. More than 3.2 million viewers have watched our documentary, and thousands of others have experienced the ‘It Can Wait’ simulator that has been making its way across the country to raise awareness of this important issue, and that will soon be online for all to experience.

But there still is much more to be done. We can beat texting and driving, but we can’t do it alone. As parents and teachers you are uniquely positioned to spread this message to children and your communities, and we know that you can help us make a difference and save lives. Here’s how you can join the It Can Wait movement right now:

  • Take the pledge to not and text and drive at AT&T customers can also text “pledge” to 28822.
  • Share this important message with young people in your community: Access resources at including videos, flyers, sample activities and more.
  • Join ‘No Text on Board Pledge Day’ – September 19: Plan an activity in your community or join a webinar chat with Wil Craig at 2:00pm ET. Learn more at
  • Help us keep the conversation going: Share your commitment and encourage others on Facebook and Twitter—using the hashtag #itcanwait and linking to

The next time you talk to your students or your children about their technology or their safety, or if you are tempted to answer a text while you are behind the wheel, please remember this campaign. Remind them—and yourself—that when it comes to texting and driving, It Can Wait.